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Two luscious babes get their round asses spanked bright... Pictures
Painful to look at...but pleasurable if you're into pai... Pictures
Miela finds herself at the mercy of our spanking master... Pictures
This is no catfight but an uneven match Pictures
A woman's back is fair game for another woman's discipl... Pictures
Ok, it isn't really london, but it is a real flogging..... Pictures
Not too many can handle a flogging on their back. try t... Pictures
She's been put in position, and now she's going to get... Pictures
When our spanking master and mistress are in the room t... Pictures
Barra has been a very naughty girl. her spanking master... Pictures
Cora loves pestering our spanking master. no one punish... Pictures
We love inviting katty for a spanking session. she love... Pictures
What did she do to deserve such treatment? Pictures
What do you know about corporal punishment? we're think... Pictures
Our spanking master loves to punish a naughty girl. he... Pictures
She's really hurting from this one! Pictures
Already hog tied and sitting for her spanking mistress... Pictures
A woman bent over...a strap...and a serious beating. it... Pictures
No question what happened to her butt! Pictures
A back that's guaranteed to make you wince in pain Pictures
Her buns blaze bright from the treatment they receive Pictures
A young woman assumes the position...and is sorry Pictures
The last thing our mistress tolerates is back talk. nat... Pictures
Ok, we're not really in spain here, but the young woman... Pictures
A good old-fashioned otk spanking Pictures
Those reddened buns aren't just blushing! Pictures
Tardiness isn't accepted here at elite spanking. if our... Pictures
It's a lot to put up with, but she has no choice Pictures
Ebony hottie gets spanked Pictures
Upended to expose her bum to brutal punishment, she's v... Pictures

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Spanking Galleries
Spanking Galleries
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Captive wenches are spanked and caned and humiliated wi... Pictures
Mr. cooper bends her over and smacks her ass over and o... Pictures
A gal winces as the pain gets to her Pictures
What would you do if you found kirsten topless, tied an... Pictures
Stand there, take it like a strong woman...you're about... Pictures
Oh dear katty. when will this beauty learn her lesson.... Pictures
The blonde screams in pain at her treatment by the crue... Pictures
A cat o nine tails inflicts some serious damage Pictures
Yet again, ines has to be disciplined. it seems our spa... Pictures
A woman's back is the whip's target Pictures
A woman must endure pain Pictures
Tyron can't keep herself out of trouble. this time, it'... Pictures
A young woman must expose her butt to the onslaught of... Pictures
A woman is painfully flogged Pictures
Anitta has been pestering us for another session with o... Pictures
Her buns are redder than a ripe tomato Pictures
Made to lie across a stool-like contraption, a woman mu... Pictures
Ouch! that smarts! Pictures
A woman is tied to the whipping post so she cannot esca... Pictures
A young woman grimaces as she is made to suffer Pictures
Baring her back to brutal punishment Pictures
Cherry-red buns are the result of a wild paddling Pictures
A woman's back is reddened by her captor's treatment of... Pictures
A badass woman physically chastises another woman Pictures
A young woman's reddened back testifies to the treatmen... Pictures
Reddened thigh backs are testament to gross mistreatmen... Pictures
She is hanging her head, humiliated at the treatment sh... Pictures
A girl presents her buns so they can be properly chasti... Pictures
A young woman learns how cruel life can be when she is... Pictures
In a medical setting, a young woman is paddled till her... Pictures

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The punishment officer seeks to enlighten two brats wit... Pictures
The repairman teaches her a lesson and bends her over a... Pictures
Hands up and put up with your punishment! Pictures
Her back is ablaze from the punishment Pictures
What will befall her now that she's in this ungainly po... Pictures
With her head and hands in the stocks, she faces her fa... Pictures
She must strip and endure her punishment Pictures
She has no choice but to put up with her punishment Pictures
Her punishment knows no bounds Pictures
A defenseless blonde must endure cruel punishment Pictures
Brutal treatment of one woman by another Pictures
Chained in place, she cannot resist Pictures
Submit to your punishment, blondie Pictures
One girl's plight in the world of punishment Pictures
The dark-haired dominatrix readies her blonde captive f... Pictures
Can the luscious blonde survive the other woman's attac... Pictures
Oh, those reddened butt-cheeks! Pictures
Red cheeks and cruel times for the girl who's the subje... Pictures
Watch those buns redden under a brutal onslaught Pictures
The red stripes on her back are testament to the punish... Pictures
How much can one woman endure? Pictures
Buns ablaze! Pictures
A woman, a man, a smashing hand and bare buns...ouch! Pictures
Removing her clothes, she stands at the ready Pictures
Kelly has failed to do her chores around the house and... Pictures
Hanna was found to have a dildo in her room, something... Pictures
Adriana knew she had done something wrong by stealing f... Pictures
Amanda had always been a troubled girl. she was sent t... Pictures
In todays caning video, we see what happens when angel... Pictures
The headmaster has just received angelas failing report... Pictures

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