A Deals A Deal

Dan had just turned eighteen and was starting a working gap year before university. He’d moved to London from the small town in the Devon where he grew up and he knew nobody in the big city. But he need not have worried because the mountain biking shop he’d landed a job in was full of people of his age and equally keen on extreme biking. One of his jobs was to run beginners’ mountain bike courses at the weekends and it was at one of these that he met Jess. She was just sixteen and she walked into the … Continue reading →

Lost And Found

I looked up at the athletic muscular man in front of me and then over at my pretty ex-girlfriend. They were both naked as Sherry walked slowly over to me. Her big beautiful 36dd tits swayed gently as she approached. My eyes soaked in her naked splendor. The way her big tits stood proudly firm with her pierced nipples hard with excitement. Her tiny waist and flat stomach with two tattoos and a pierced navel. Her full wide hips looked delectable and her soft round ass was still perfect. My mouth watered as I remembered the succulent flavor of her … Continue reading →

Getting To Know Rene

A young lady that worked for the same company as I, is the subject of one of my fantasies. Rene is all of about five foot four, 120 pounds, and about a 36B-25-36. She has short dirty blonde hair that surrounds her lovely face just right. In contrast I am a six foot one, 250 pound, dark brown haired, hazel-eyed male who has fantasized about getting in between this young lady’s thighs. I dream about sucking on her pussy, as well as putting my hard dick inside that same pussy for several hours of pleasure for both of us for … Continue reading →

Drive By Shooting

My wife does not particularly enjoy her job. She works in a big office in downtown Charlotte, and she often talks about how she feels invisible amongst the throes of workers in her’s and the surrounding offices. The thought of her feeling that way seems remarkable to me, as I have always found her impossible to miss in any setting. Beth is not tall, at 5’4′, but she still commands a presence whenever she is around. She has flowing, shoulder length auburn hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a body that is simply built for sin. She wears a 38DD bra, … Continue reading →

A Night On The Black Sea

I don’t really know when it started. I can’t remember when I first thought about sharing my wife, Tara, with another man. But I do remember the first time I confessed my desire to her. We were entangled with each other, and I was deep inside of her, when I whispered to her, “I have something to confess to you…” “What?,” She gasped. “I want to see you fuck another guy…… I could tell that she was turned on by the idea; my cock was drenched. I know why I got the idea. Tara is so sensual, and she loves … Continue reading →